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Bear 360

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Bear 360 manufactured?
The Bear 360 is manufactured in Orenburg, Russia.

Who builds the Bear 360?
The Bear 360 is built by several military contractors, each manufacturing based on their specialty.

Can I visit the manufacturing facility?
You may visit the assembly plant were the Bear 360 is put together. Some of the military contractors we use in the manufacture of parts are in highly sensitive areas and access cannot be gained to these particular locations.


What maneuvers are included during the demonstration flight?
The demonstration flight lasts approximately half an hour and covers the following: Ground briefing, taxi, take off, climb profile, aileron roll, barrel roll, lazy 8, clover leaf, stalls, handling qualities, stability & control, stability characteristics, performance characteristics and landing.


What is the warranty?—Airframe+Engine+Prop
The airframe is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one year. The manufacturer of the engine guarantees the engine. Since we use several suppliers based on customer’s wishes, it varies between suppliers.
MT Propeller guarantees the propeller. Please visit

How will airframe warranty claims be processed?
Simply send us an email with details and photos (if available) and we will respond within 24 hours.

Why must I take delivery in North Dakota?
Bear Aircraft LLC is a North Dakota company and our local legal provisions require us to make deliveries in the state.  In consideration of the North Dakota limited liability laws relating to the Bear 360, North Dakota as a state provides some relief from liability for incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, therefore allowing us to offer this aircraft at less than standard pricing.

Can BA deliver my aircraft elsewhere?
Certainly. We can arrange to have the aircraft ferried or shipped anywhere in the world.

Is my M-14P engine new or overhauled?
Most of the M-14’s are overhauled to new tolerances. We do have options to provide new engines should the customer require it.

What is the TBO on the engine?
The original manufacturer of the M-14P, PF and R based the TBO on cycles (common practice in Russia). Vedeneyev M-14P, PF and R are all based on cycles and a 1,500-hour TBO has been accepted as the norm in the US.

How much does the M-14 weigh?
485 lbs.

How restrictive is the Experimental Exhibition category?
Download and read the FAA's rule on the Experimental Exhibition category

What are the differences between the prototype and the production models?
Landing Gear.
- Hydraulic operation all gear (no pneumatic system in aircraft other than emergency blow down system, which is via nitrogen discharge)

- Crank mechanism for closing and opening.
- Stop for the canopy aft of the front seat on the structure.
- Canopy rear cover screwed on to make canopy removal easier.
- Positive control channels for canopy travel.

- Tailwheel steers approx. 5 degrees by moving rudder pedals (similar P51).
- Tail wheel full 360 degree swivel with control stick full forward.

- All titanium material.

- Widened to the sides of panel. Seat adjustment smoother action.

Roll over structure for added protection.
- Rudder pedal front cockpit.
- More adjustment.
- Adjustment system readily adjustable/smoother action.

Rudder pedals/brakes aft cockpit.

Rear cockpit brake mechanism ties into front cockpit brake system.

- Front cockpit floor panel floor vent move to lower instrument panel.
- Smooth floor for foot movement/control of the aircraft.
- Copilot forward floor panel access holes to allow screw access in the wing compartment panel.

- Throttle quadrant moved forward in rear cockpit.

- All electric speedbrake positioned by up or down switch.

- One cowl flap is adjustable from the cockpit.
- Four cowl flaps are ground adjustable.

Cowl removal/access.
- Top cowl nut-plated aft end/forward end to allow the upper part engine to be opened.
- Bottom cowl nut-plated to allow access to the engine.

- Change elevator another degree leading edge down.

Hydraulic filler fittings, strut service fittings, special wrenchs (engine oil plug draining, engine components, etc.) included.

- Eye-lids on the main gear for towing.

Cockpit entry.
- Air-Step for easy access into cockpit.

Do you offer flight training? What is the cost? Where is training offered?
Yes, we do offer flight training. The cost of flight training is $500 per hour if we are using our aircraft. Should you prefer to use your aircraft flight training is $250 per hour.

Ground School/Theory is $600 per day. Training is offered in Shafter (Bakersfield), CA.-(KMIT). We can also provide training in other locals for an additional cost. Please email us with your specific requirements and we will be happy to provide you with a firm quote.

I’m not a tail wheel pilot. How long should it take me to transition?
We would highly recommend that you transition to tail wheels using a Decathlon or similar and then add the Bear 360. Once you have completed initial tail wheel training we would recommend approximately 10 hours of dual in the Bear 360. The amount of training will vary by individual pilot.

What are common insurance rates?
Initial indications of insurance rates for individuals with time in tail-draggers + high performance complex to be around $4,500 for full hull and liability coverage.

How much does it cost?
The standard equipped Ready to Fly (RTF) Bear 360 is $310,000
The standard equipped Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) is $185,000

How much do you require as a deposit?
30% of the purchase price.

When does the customer’s deposit become non-refundable?
The deposit becomes non-refundable once we start building your Bear 360 at our manufacturing facility in Orenburg, Russia. This is usually 4–5 months before delivery.
At this time we will request you pick a color and choose any options you may want to add.

When is the balance of the aircraft due?
The balance is due once we have shipping documents for the aircraft. We will provide a copy of the shippers Bill of Lading.

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